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Peter J Jamack

Peter J

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will sprinkle on a pinch of Philosophy, a tablespoon of Knowledge,  a few teaspoons worth of Humor, a dash of Technology, a few forks worth of Humanity, and bowls of Passion to ignite your organization, school, or soul.  And that’s only a tiny piece of the fascinating puzzle the amazing one and only Peter J Jamack will bring to your imaginations and worlds.

Peter J Jamack III is a writer and author, a philosopher, a poet, a screenplay writer, a producer, a musician.He’s a Big Data Analytics guy.
He’s Big Data. He’s Analytic’s.  He’s Hadoop.  He is Business Intelligence.
He’s also a career coach, a life coach, a relationship consultant, a strategist, and more. But that’s not all. What he brings to the table is a lifetime  of being a a technologist, a business intelligence and data warehouse consultant, a business process management professional, a leader, a  manager, a trainer, a sales engineer, a digital media evangelist, a marketing consultant, and a business person.


Your organizations soul needs to be set on fire. Your lifeline needs new blood.  Organize and strategize.

Peter J

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Take what is yours.  Yearn for the Yin and Yang of everything.  Earn what you deserve. Love what you do. Find the one who stirs your soul.  Sometimes it takes only a grain of salt to propel you forward and become the company, organization or person you’ve always imagined.  Sometimes it takes a strong kick in the behind.  Find your passion. Yearn for compassion. Make a difference. Change the world.   It’s time to celebrate your new life.

Peter J Jamack will dig deeper than you ever imagined and not only teach you the way, but change your life.

He’s a professional consultant with a bold, inspirational, tactical and strategic message of fighting through all the adversity and finding passion to move forward. This is not about some dream. It’s about your life. The life you deserve. The company you deserve. The career you deserve. The Love you deserve.

Be mesmerized and enchanted by his words and ideas.  Be enthralled with your own new possibilities.

Peter J & Severin

Peter J & lil Severin

A business, life, and technology motivational speaker and a breathtaking writer and storyteller, Peter J Jamack inspires his audiences to a imagine big, to listen large, to participate without envy, to interact passionately, and to experience the process of your own message.  Amalgamate the stories and challenges into your own lives and organizations.

Peter J draws from his own incredible life experiences as a professional, a risk taker, an adventurer, a traveler, a writer, a reader, and a constant learner of everything.  It’s not about his own experiences though. While they are interwoven into the stories and strategies, what it’s all about is your stories. Your lives. Your passions. Your willingness to make a difference in yourself, in your loved ones, and in the world.  Transform the world one person at at time.



A new book is coming soon as are Youtube videos, blog articles, a subscription based newsletter and articles, as well as other media podcasts for your viewing pleasure.


Peter J’s stroll through life

Peter J walking through life;

Peter J & lil Severin

Peter J grew up in New Jersey.   Born and raised in Southern New Jersey by working poor middle class parents shapes his mission in life. Early on his father taught him the value of a business. He also taught him that determination and hard work doesn’t mean you’ll always succeed.  Perseverance, commitment, compassion, and passion are keys to surviving in this world. Keys to thriving.  He spent time figuring out what he wanted to do with his life, but he always had the need to change the world.  Somehow, someway, that need lasted throughout his life and continues to do so to this day.  Change the world.  Make the world a better place. Help people.

He spent years learning and changing majors, traveling the world, studying and reading about business, accounting, music, film-making, writing, philosophy, anthropology, insurance, finance, wall street, programming, and psychology.  He started a couple of businesses and learned the value of a dollar, of hard work, advertising and marketing, finance, and the corporate legal system.  From that point he jumped into the Information Technology world and became a programmer, a business analyst, a business intelligence and data warehouse consultant, a digital media marketer, a trainer, a leader, a mentor, and a manager.

That’s the high level view of Peter J Jamack III.  There are no short cuts when you stroll down the path Peter J took in life. Throw into that big pot of experience a few family deaths, a military strict father with a belt and a wooden stick, a close friend dying, losing a sister, never having any money,  being forced to play every sport(even though he wasn’t that talented) as well as get straight A’s in school (even though he wasn’t that smart) or suffer the consequences. But there is more.  He was an extremely shy, anxious and lonely child who rarely spoke to his parents and remained locked in redneck heaven with no friends or place to go.

And his family enforced a strict policy where friends weren’t allowed over nor was he or his brother allowed over a friends house. But the policy continued further. His parents instilled a belief that friends weren’t important in life. The belief also encompassed the philosophy of friends always being fake. And nobody was really a friend. So he was always an outsider no matter where he went, whether it be in school, at home, on some band, or on sports teams.

There were other times where he almost lost a leg,  almost died in a car crash, suffered from extreme anxiety,  and you get the image of a rough and tough childhood.

As an adult, well,  throw in a bad marriage, a rough divorce, addictions, fake friends, good friends, losing jobs, going broke, living in a car, joining the Army, getting Married again, having a son, and finding out what actually makes people happy in life. A lot to be learned and a lot to inspire others about.


Inspirational & Motivational Speaker. I am Big Data Analytics !

Peter J is inspiring but he can also bring to you a few of his professional acquaintances who are experts in the domains revolving around security, life’s challenges, military life, and technology. Peter J, as well as his professional friends, are available to travel around the world as speakers and consultants to universities, corporate headquarters or local offices, airports, seminars, conferences, high schools, convention centers, trade shows, individual homes, restaurants, and various other arenas.

We appreciate your time and thank you for considering Peter J Jamack III.

Change the world.

Change your corporate culture.

Change your life.